Marriage Spells

Spell to seduce a man

A woman can always seduce a man more easily than a man can to a woman, but if you are from the few of those ladies who are not able to seduce your man or any man then the best remedy for you is to use a magic love spell to seduce a man.

What you need to do is cast a spell and make a perfume using the spell and then use the perfume when you are in the midst of lot of men, so that one gets seduced by your perfume so that you can seduce the person more.

To make the perfume you would require some rose petals, rose water and sandalwood powder, crush the rose petals to take out the juice then mix the sandalwood powder and rose water with the petal juice and mix them together, while mixing chant the below written spell, once the mixute is made use it as directed.

“chram charam garam garam

Gananum gananum chanum chanum

Make me hot make me sweet, make me look like a juicy meat

chram charam garam garam

Gananum gananum chanum chanum”